California Military Department Celebrates Master Sergeant Matthews’ Legacy: Over a Decade Of Service Within Inspector General Office

Master Sergeant Melissa Matthews of The California State Guard (State Defense Force) has dedicated over 12 years of her professional life to the California Military Department Inspector General’s office, following her retirement from the United States Army, where she also served in Inspector Generals Office. In total, she boasts over 34 years of combined service in both State and US Military institutions, working in a myriad of roles. The Inspector General’s primary responsibility is to act as an impartial and just fact-finder. Their main focus lies in addressing and resolving issues and concerns of various groups such as State active duty members, California State Guard, family members, retirees, and State Civil Service employees.

The Inspector General’s office, while distinct from the federal Inspector General’s office, collaborates closely with them to ensure that members and employees of the California National Guard, encompassing both Army and Air service members, are given the right assistance. Appointed by the California Governor and recognized under the California Military and Veterans code, the California Military Department Inspector General’s office is accountable to both the Adjutant General and the Governors office. Passionate about her role, Master Sergeant Matthews emphasizes the satisfaction she derives from aiding members in resolving issues and offers guidance by liaising with commanders, supervisors, and directors. She ardently encourages members to approach the Inspector General’s office, which stands as a pillar of support in realizing the vision of the Governor and the Adjutant General.

Source: DVIDS

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