Ohio Military Reserve’s 7th UAS Detachment Earns Advanced SARTECH II Certification

The Ohio Military Reserve’s 7th Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Detachment has recently achieved a notable milestone by securing the SARTECH II certification from The National American Search and Rescue. This certification is a testament to their advanced capabilities in search and rescue operations. SARTECH II is a comprehensive certification that involves a thorough written examination and rigorous field exercises. These components are designed to test and validate the knowledge, skills, and practical abilities of search and rescue personnel. The certification covers various essential aspects such as navigation, search methodologies, survival techniques, and the legalities involved in search and rescue operations. Achieving this level of certification indicates that the personnel are not only well-versed in knowledge but also highly competent in executing complex and demanding search and rescue missions.

The 7th UAS Detachment primarily focuses on providing essential operational support to the Emergency Operation Center during statewide emergencies. Their use of drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems is central to their strategy, providing unique and invaluable capabilities in crisis situations. These drones are particularly effective in conducting rapid reconnaissance in flood-affected areas to locate people who are injured or stranded. Another critical aspect of their role is the safe assessment of hazardous zones. The drones enable the investigation of damaged buildings and infrastructure without risking the safety of emergency personnel. This function is vital in protecting first responders while ensuring efficient emergency management. The incorporation of drone technology by the 7th UAS Detachment significantly enhances their ability to respond effectively to emergencies, highlighting the increasing importance of unmanned aerial solutions in contemporary crisis management.

The 7th UASunderwent SARTECH II certification training under the auspices of National American Search and Rescue (NASAR) which includes both classroom instruction in “best practices” of wilderness rescue procedures and field training in land navigation & survival techniques. The SARTECH II training will conclude with a comprehensive written exam. This exam is open to the public. Interested parties contact WO1 Troy Whaley at for details.
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