Preparing the Next Generation: Georgia State Defense Force’s 4th Brigade Trains New Enlistees

The 4th Brigade of the Georgia State Defense Force has embarked on a mission to prepare and mold fresh recruits who have recently joined their ranks. In an impressive display of dedication, the trainees from IET class Alpha-24 launched their basic training with the impactful “Red Phase” weekend. This crucial initiation period is where the future soldiers lay the cornerstone of their journey within the Georgia State Defense Force, instilling in them not only discipline, but also fostering teamwork and the unwavering commitment required to serve their community and state effectively.

For new recruits joining the State Defense Forces without prior experience in the US Military, the Initial Entry Training program serves as the bridge from civilian to soldier life. Over the coming months, recruits embark on an intensive training journey that molds them mentally, physically, and emotionally. This boot camp acts as a crucible where individuals undergo a comprehensive transformation. Through rigorous physical training, classroom instruction encompassing military protocol, drill procedures, and personal readiness, these recruits are equipped with the essential military skills they will need throughout their State Defense Force careers. This commitment to thorough training ensures that they are well-prepared to serve alongside their National Guard counterparts, ready to uphold their duty to protect and serve their fellow citizens.

Recruits from IET class Alpha-24 began their basic training With “Red Phase” weekend. During this period future soldiers learn many of the basics needed to begin their journey in the Georgia state defense force.
The Georgia State defense force is a military branch of the Georgia Department of defense. Come join our ranks. Call 330–933–7620 for more information.


Source: Georgia State Defense Force

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