Ohio SDF Train for Core Mission While Simultaneously Supporting Military Families

The Ohio Military Reserve, a vital component of the state’s defense force, recently exemplified its commitment to supporting military families through a critical training exercise. Under the leadership of Alpha Company’s Captain James Lane, the 1BN Soldiers collaborated with Serving Area Military in a Point of Distribution (POD) mission aimed at providing essential supplies to military families in need. Despite challenging weather conditions, the team, including SFC Lohmeyer as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, executed a highly efficient operation. This partnership not only allowed the Ohio Military Reserve to fulfill one of its primary missions but also ensured that military families received necessary support, showcasing the dedication and resilience of Alpha, Bravo, HHC, and troops from The 7th Unmanned Aerial System in making the mission a success.

Point of Distribution missions are a core function of State Defense Forces, a responsibility underscored by the National Guard’s delegation of establishing distribution points across the state. This role is critical, especially during emergencies when traditional supply chains are disrupted, and the demand for essential resources, such as food and water, increases significantly. The effectiveness of POD missions was particularly evident during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, as supermarkets struggled to maintain stock, and the demand for vital supplies surged. These operations highlight the essential role of State Defense Forces in enhancing community resilience and ensuring the well-being of citizens during crises, further emphasizing the importance of these training exercises.

Alpha Company’s CPT James Lane led a succcessful mission to partner with Serving Area Military to help feed military families. 1BN Soldiers braved adverse weather conditions and achieved the mission highly successfully.






When SFC Lohmeyer speaks….everyone listens! As NCOIC for the recent Serving Area Mission Point of Distribution Mission, SFC Lohmeyer executed a tremendously efficient operation. Much goes into a mission of this nature, but when a mission goes as smoothly as this one did, it is all worth while Way to go Alpha, Bravo, HHC, and our guests from 7UAS who made it all happen.












Source: Ohio Military Reserve

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