Mississippi State Guard Prioritizes Medical Training to Enhance Disaster Readiness

The 215th MP Company of The Mississippi State Guard (State Defense Force), dedicated their recent April weekend drill to enhancing their medical response capabilities. This comprehensive training session focused on “Battle Buddy” First Aid techniques, an essential component of their readiness program. The soldiers underwent rigorous training in various lifesaving procedures including the application of tourniquets, wound packing, and effective management of severe bleeding and hemorrhage control. Such training is critical, ensuring that every soldier is prepared to respond promptly and efficiently to any medical emergency that might arise during their duties.

State Defense Forces like the Mississippi State Guard ensure their soldiers can provide medical support during their response missions. This strategic focus is pivotal, especially in preparing for state-wide emergencies or natural disasters. By training their soldiers in advanced medical procedures, the State Guard ensures that they have personnel readily available to provide essential lifesaving measures to citizens in urgent need of medical care. This not only enhances the operational capabilities of the Guard but also significantly contributes to the overall safety and well-being of the community during critical times.

The 215th MP Co. performs “Battle Buddy” First Aid Training during their April Drill. Some of the training included TQ (tourniquet) training, wound packing, and bleeding/hemorrhage control.

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