California Wildfire Preparedness: California Military Stands Ready

As we mark Wildfire Preparedness Week, the readiness of the California State Guard, alongside the California National Guard and CALFIRE, is more crucial than ever. With California’s susceptibility to natural disasters, particularly wildfires, these agencies are equipped and prepared to respond swiftly. The California National Guard showcases a robust array of resources including aircraft fitted with the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System, and helicopters such as the versatile Blackhawk, all designed for rapid wildfire response. Additionally, Task Force Rattlesnake, a collaborative effort between the California National Guard, State Guard, and CALFIRE, employs cutting-edge wildfire detection technology to enhance the state’s firefighting capabilities, ensuring that these teams are #AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere to protect and serve.

In unison with the National Guard and CALFIRE, the California State Guard plays a pivotal role in the state’s wildfire response strategy. During operations, all personnel don the same uniforms, symbolizing their unity and joint commitment to combatting wildfires. The State Guard has been instrumental in tackling significant fire incidents, including the August Complex wildfire, recognized as one of the largest in the state’s history. State Guardsmen receive rigorous training, enduring several months to qualify as certified Wildland firefighters. Their valor is evident as they consistently venture into perilous conditions to safeguard communities and preserve California’s landscapes, demonstrating unwavering dedication and courage in protecting the state from the ravages of wildfires.

🔥 It’s #WildfirePreparednessWeek! Are you aware of all the ways your Cal Guard is prepared to support statewide wildfire response efforts?
From cutting-edge wildfire detection software to our partnership with CAL FIRE through Task Force Rattlesnake, alongside a fleet of aircraft equipped with the Modular Airborne Fire Fighting System, your Cal Guard is #AlwaysReadyAlwaysThere to support our invaluable state partners in making California more resilient to wildfires. 🌲🚁 #WildfireSafety #MAFFS
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Source: California National Guard

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