New York Guard Hurricane Sandy Article

New Article Released! Focuses on The Incredible Actions of The New York Guard During Hurricane Sandy

We are thrilled to announce another featured article. The article focuses on the incredible actions of The New York Guard during and following Hurricane Sandy. The force surpassed all challenges they faced going above and beyond the call of duty.

The article “Activation and Response of the New York Guard during Hurricane Sandy: A Case Study in Disaster Response” by Steven Haggerty details the exceptional achievements of the New York Guard during the catastrophic Hurricane Sandy. The New York Guard played a pivotal role in disaster response, contributing significantly to search and rescue operations, evacuation and shelter management, logistical support, and the protection of critical infrastructure. Their efforts underscored the vital importance of State Defense Forces in managing disasters. Despite facing challenges such as resource shortages, the New York Guard’s dedicated response provided invaluable lessons for improving future disaster management strategies.

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