CA State Guard trains for Wildland Fire alongside National Guard & CALFIRE

The California State Guard (State Defense Force) has recently been training for the upcoming fire season alongside soldiers of the National Guard & CALFIRE firefighters.  State Guard troops were developing their response skills for Wildland Firefighting Type II hand crew training.  This Joint Task Force has been responding & fighting the wildfires that have been plaguing the state the past few years and is ready for the 2020 Wildfire season.


Here are photos from the mission:

The California State Guard and the California National Guard align with CAL FIRE for joint fire drill training. Several members of the CSG were onsite to heighten their emergency response skills and received assistance from members of the Grizzly Youth Academy. Are you ready to respond? #CampRoberts

Members of the California State Guard are currently training for Wildland Firefighting Type II hand crew training with CAL FIRE alongside the California National Guard. As California battles #Covid19, the CSG is preparing to maintain fire safety to keep California safe.
#ReadyToRespond #CAsoldier

Source: California State Guard

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