Alaska troops assist in Vaccine Mission

In March, the Alaska State Defense Force received a mission to assist local clinics in vaccine distribution.


I want to take the time to express my sincere appreciation for the extreme adaptability and professionalism of the Kodiak based ASDF soldiers. We received a last minute request from one of the local clinics to assist in another vaccine mission. We were asked on Thursday late afternoon to assist on Saturday and despite the intense efforts around getting things lined out and in order for another high visibility SAD mission, preparing monthly drill, and keeping the ETT class rolling efficiently, C. Company NCO’s with assistance from 2STB Warrant Officers pulled together and figured out a plan to make all of these things happen and stay on track. Soldiers in the ETT class stayed up late last night studying so that they can keep up with training while being able to participate in a non-paid mission simply because the community called upon them. Soldiers who participated in the vax mission returned after a short lunch break to continue drill training as scheduled. NCO’s scheduled to lead training were flawless in the execution. No one missed a single beat. If it sounds like I am bragging about Kodiak based soldiers, I am and I make no apologies. They deserve the public recognition and my sincere thanks for multiple jobs well done over the last couple weeks. 1 LT(AK) Monique Lewis C Company

Source: Alaska State Defense Force

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