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Virginia Defense Force will expand mission set to better support Virginia & National Guard

The Virginia Defense Force commander, Brig. Gen. Justin Carlitti, recently announced that due to the successful missions the VDF performed during the Covid Pandemic, the VDF has been asked to expand its mission set to better support the National Guard & the state of Virginia.


CG Update: VDF will adapt, expand mission sets

The last 18 months have seen the historic employment of the Virginia National Guard and the Virginia Defense Force as part of Virginia’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and civil disturbance. Over this period, we have received tremendous positive feedback about the support provided by members of the VDF, and this is something that should give every member of our organization a tremendous sense of professional pride. To those who either served on state active duty or supported those who did, it has been a great opportunity to showcase what the VDF is really capable of doing. It is a direct reflection of the wide variety of skills and experiences that our members bring to the mission.

Because of this success, the Adjutant General of Virginia has asked us to conduct a review of our current mission sets to focus the VDF on evolving to provide important support capabilities not just to the VNG, but also to the Commonwealth. In particular, he would like us to build on those lines of effort most utilized in the various response scenarios from joint operations center/staff augmentation and regional VDEM liaison support to interoperable communications and cyber network defense. The objective is to evolve our organization to provide enhanced levels of support.

The senior staff has been conducting a careful review of our response capabilities and the recommendations about possible force structure changes to focus on those mission lines of effort will soon be submitted to the AG for review and approval.

While the focus on existing lines of effort may change, the spirit of volunteer service and helping our fellow Virginians in times of need will remain at the core of the VDF. This review will ensure that the VDF remains a relevant force provider to the DMA and the citizens we serve.

Brig. Gen. (Va.) Justin Carlitti, Sr., VDF Commanding General

Source: Virginia Defense Force

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