SDF Poll 2

Poll – Do You Believe There Should Be A Central Organization Setting SDF Training & Uniform Standards?

There are twenty State Defense Forces throughout the country serving their State & National Guard. Each of these State Defense Forces / State Guards have different standards from one another. These standards differ in a variety of fields, from basic training length, height & weight standards, MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) certifications, to uniform appearance.
Do you believe there should be a central organization that requires each & every State Defense Force to maintain certain Age, Height/Weight, Training, Certification standards? And If so which organization should that be?
1. A New Federal Agency that Overseas State Defense Forces / State Guards Nationwide
2. Department of Defense
3. Department of Homeland Security
4. National Guard Bureau
5. A Non-Profit Organization Setup & Overseen by The States
6. The State Guard Association of the United States
8. No Agency or Organization Should Oversee the SDF’s / SG’s
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