Georgia Visits Indiana

The Commanding General of the Georgia State Defense Force, Brig. Gen. Mark D. Gelhardt Sr., recently traveled to Indiana to visit the Indiana Guard Reserve (State Defense Force). Brig. Gen. Gelhardt Sr. Met with the Commanding General of the Indiana Guard Reserve, Commanding General Maj. Gen. Bruce D. Bowers, and discussed training practices and missions each Defense Force has been participating in.


Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) Commanding General Brig. Gen. Mark D. Gelhardt Sr. (left) visits Indiana Guard Reserve (IGR) Commanding General Maj. Gen. Bruce D. Bowers and IGR Soldiers, Indianapolis, IN, Dec. 11, 2021.
Earlier this year, Brig. Gen. Gelhardt and GSDF Command Staff visited the Tennessee State Guard. These interstate trips highlight the value of exchanging ideas and best practices among state guards.
Photo courtesy of Indiana Guard Reserve Public Affairs Officer Maj. Terry J. Heifetz
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