Texas State Guard Delivers 70,000 Christmas Toys to Children in Need

The Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) recently finished Young Heroes of the Guard Toy Drive for the Holiday Season. In total the State Guard collected and donated 70,000 toys to children in schools, hospitals, daycares, & shelters throughout Texas. This is an incredible accomplishment by the Texas State Guard and we would like to thank every soldier involved in this mission.

Texas State Guardsman Capt. Sean Payton prepares to hand out donated stuffed animals to the students of House Creek Elementary in Copperas Cove, Texas on Dec. 17, 2021. Since 2009, the Texas State Guard has distributed over 500,000 toys across Texas through the “Young Heroes of the Guard” Toy Drive. This year, the Texas State Guard has donated over 70,000 toys throughout schools, hospitals, daycares, shelters, and non-profit organizations. These donations are received through sponsors in the community.
Photos by Sgt. Katie Retschulte and Sgt. Alysia Wiley, Texas Military Department
Source: Texas State Guard
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