A Great Holiday Season for Children in Texas

The Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) recently finished its annual “Young Heroes of the Guard” Toy Drive for Children in Texas. This ten year long mission has provided hundreds of thousands of toys to children in need all throughout the state. The Texas State Guard recently released a video of one of the toy distribution events.

For more than a decade, members of the Texas State Guard have held the “Young Heroes of the Guard” Toy Drive to support children.
“Our mission is to make sure no child goes without a toy, whether it’s a natural disaster or during the holiday season,” said Capt. Sean Payton, a Texas State Guard chaplain who helped coordinate a delivery event in Copperas Cove, in Central Texas.
“This is perfect,” Payton said, “it gives back to the children, and teaches the children to give to other children in need.”
To learn more about the annual drive, visit: https://buff.ly/3ewzMBW.

Source: Texas State Guard

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