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New State Legislation for Indiana SDF

New legislation is being discussed in the Indiana House of Representatives regarding the Indiana Guard Reserve (State Defense Force). House Bill 1059 would make the following changes to the Indiana Guard Reserve:

  • Repeals a provision concerning the guard serving outside Indiana (Removed)
  • Repeals a provision regarding military forces in fresh pursuit (Removed)
  • Repeals a provision regarding the oath of officers for guard members (Removed)
  • Provides that, if called for voluntary service, the guard must follow the rules and procedures of the Indiana national guard and those set by the general
    • NEW -> If the Indian guard reserve or any part of the Indiana guard reserve is to provide voluntary service, the members of the Indiana guard reserve shall follow the orders and guidance of the Indiana national guard’s chain of command and the rules and regulations adopted by the adjutant general under section 2 of this chapter regarding the discipline of members of the Indiana guard reserve
  • Amends a provision to specify that the general may obtain insurance for the guard under certain circumstances
    • NEW -> The adjutant general of Indiana, with the approval of the governor and subject to the availability of funds, may procure a policy of group insurance for and covering members of the military forces of Indiana guard reserve covering and insuring against any injury received or had by members from any accident while on drill or active duty. actively providing voluntary service to the state.
  • Repeals a provision regarding quarterly pay for the guard (Removed)

Current status of the legislation is -> 2022-01-19 – Referred to the Senate

Source: Legiscan

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