Virginia SDF Concludes Logistics Mission for January’s Winter Storms

During January 2022, Virginia underwent two heavy snowstorms that caused disruptions to traffic and infrastructure. The Virginia Defense Force was tasked with assisting the National Guard with Logistics and supply missions. As service has now been restored in Virginia and the roads clear the VDF is standing down from the mission.

Thank you to all the Virginia Defense Force troops who were activated and assisted the State during this activation.

Staff Sgt. (Va.) Paul A. Capozzoli and Staff Sgt. (Va.) Edward Jacobson complete their logistics distribution mission in support of the Virginia National Guard J4 Joint Logistics Directorate Jan. 28, 2022, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, after a pit stop near Langley Air Force Base to pick up additional supplies. Over the last several winter storms, VDF personnel have assisted with delivering equipment and supplies to VNG units staging at their home station armories for possible response operations.






Source: Virginia Defense Force

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