Puerto Rico State Guard Engineers Upgrade National Guard Facilities

The Puerto Rico State Guard (State Defense Force) Engineer Battalion recently upgraded the National Guard Young Challenge Facilities. The engineers painted multiple buildings and then upgraded the electrical system in various parts of the buildings.

The National Guard Young Challenge is a National Guard education program that offers kids and teenagers who are running into difficulties at school or have completely dropped out, an opportunity to make a better future for themselves. Members of the program learn self discipline, leadership, military skills while working to obtain their High School diploma or equivalency exam.

Many State Defense Forces assist their National Guard in the Young Program by providing troops to assist running the program.

From April 21 to 24, 2022, as part of the mission to support communities, educational institutions, and civil entities, the Puerto Rico National Guard State Command executed a support mission that consisted of painting the buildings where it houses the National Guard education program, Young Challenge. The Engineering battalion painted the education buildings and upgraded the electrical system in some areas and classrooms. The Engineering Battalion of the State Command is proud of the work done, the privilege of serving and contributing to the education system in Puerto Rico.














Source: Puerto Rico State Guard

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