Alaska SDF Continues Working with Army Special Forces

The Alaska State Defense Force (AKSDF) have been working hand in hand with the Army’s Special Forces unit, 5/19 SFG(A) Green Berets, the last few months on a multitude of training missions. From extreme weather training, conducting joint aerial survey missions, to setting up remote communication stations throughout Alaska, the organizations have been working closely with one another for mission success.

Recently the Alaska State Defense Force worked side by side with the Alaska Army National Guard & Army Green Berets performing Domain Awareness patrols along the Alaskan coast.

The Green Berets also performed High Frequency Communications training in Utqiagvik, AK, which is the highest point in Continental North America. They have been working with the AKSDF for months on ensuring communications points throughout the western coast of the United States and the most remote areas of Alaska are possible and in place.

5/19th SFG(A) Green Berets, Alaska National Guard, Alaska Army National Guard, and Alaska State Defense Force Scouts (linage to the ATG) recently conducted Domain Awareness patrols along the Alaskan Coast line during Arctic Exercises. These Joint interagency teams help to assist the State of Alaska’s Adjutant General and Governor to provide services to rural Alaskans. The 5/19th SFG(A) has partnered in Exercise Arctic Eagle since 2018. The continued interoperability ensures the National Guard’s Arctic Interest Council is ready to take on the growing challenges of the Arctic. This coalition provides strength in unity!

5/19th SFG(A) Green Berets recently conducted HF communications training in Utqiagvik, AK the furthest North American land; that sits between the Chikchi Sea and Beaufort Sea within the Arctic Circle. Communications become increasing challenging due to high Latitude. These Green Berets practice Communications to ensure the ability to conduct mission command globally. Training = Readiness!


Source: US Army 5/19th Special Warfare Training Detachment Airborne

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