Georgia SDF Troops Train on Debris Clearing & Chainsaw Operations

Georgia State Defense Force troops recently spent their weekend drill learning about roadway clearing and chainsaw operations. Troops learned how to properly and safely operate chainsaws and the best ways to break down trees that would obstruct roadways.

Many State Defense Forces, like the New York Guard, have been given the mission by the Adjutant General of their State (Senior National Guard Commander of all Military Forces) to clear roads of any debris following natural disasters that would obstruct evacuation routes and roadways for citizens.

Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) Soldiers learn debris clearing and chainsaw operations, under the instruction of the GSDF 76th Support Brigade, 1st Engineer Battalion, Acworth, Ga., June 11, 2022.

Soldiers learned about chainsaw maintenance and the hazards involved in cutting into downed trees. Skills acquired through this training can be applied when GSDF Soldiers serve the citizens of Georgia during emergencies.

The GSDF is a component of the Georgia Department of Defense, along with the Georgia Air National Guard and Georgia Army National Guard.

Georgia State Defense Force photo by Unit Public Affairs Representative Spc. Richard Brackin











Source: Georgia State Defense Force

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