CASG 40th Support Detachment Assists Army National Guard in Combat Life Saver Training

The California State Guard’s (State Defense Force) 40th Support Detachment recently trained and assisted the Army National Guard’s 224th Sustainment Brigade on the Combat Life Saver course. The Combat Life Saver course was designed to provide more advanced life saving methods to casualties to bridge the time for a Medic to arrive or for the casualty to arrive at a Hospital. The course covers on how to apply a tourniquet, pressure dressing and open and secure the airway.

The 40th Support Detachment is a specialized unit in the California State Guard. Their mission is to directly support and assist the Army National Guard 40th Infantry Division, but also assists other Army National Guard units.

Service Members of the 40th Support Detachment Medical Company (Charlie Company) have participated at the Combat Life Saver Course Field Training Exercise during the 224th Sustainment Brigade CAARNG Annual Training at Camp San Luis Obispo

Source: California State Guard – US Army

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