Texas State Guard Troops Get Training on Medevac Black Hawk Helicopters

During their Annual Training, troops from the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) received training on the UH-60L Medieval Black Hawk helicopters. The orientation focused on the operations and procedures of extracting casualties out of the helicopters.

One of the missions the Texas State Guard maybe called on during a state emergency would be to assist the National Guard in the extraction of casualties from helicopters, and tend to the wounded in health care facilities. The Texas State Guard has trained on such missions in the past so they can be ready when called.

Aircrew from Company C, 2nd Battalion, 149th Aviation Regiment of the Texas Army National Guard provide orientation training of its UH-60L Black Hawks medevac helicopters to service members from 4th Battalion, 6th Brigade, Texas State Guard during April 2022 Annual Training at Martindale Army Airfield.


Source: Texas State Guard

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