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You Can Now Visit The Texas Military Forces Museum Virtually

For those of us who live too far away from the Texas Military Forces Museum in Austin, Texas, the incredible staff there have designed and developed a system where you can visit the museum, virtually. There are four amazing virtual tours all of which allows you free access to roam around entire showrooms. There are two ways to experience the tour, from the common walk through experience, where you can move at your own pace and zoom in to any artifacts to get a better look. The second way is through a ‘dollhouse’ view from above to absorb the awesome scale of the museum. It is an incredible experience, here are the tours:

The Grand Hall Tour

19th Century Gallery

36th Division Gallery

Cold War to Global War on Terror

If you plan to visit Austin or are within driving distance be sure to visit the museum located at 3038 West 35th St. Austin TX 78703. Admission is Free.

To Learn more about the museum:

Click Here to Visit Their Website

Special thank you to the staff who made these virtual tours possible.


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