SC National Guard Cyber Redo

South Carolina State Guard Trains With National Guard To Prepare For Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security is becoming an ever growing important sphere in the realm of warfare. The South Carolina National Guard has been on the forefront ensuring all State infrastructure is protected from the constant cyber attacks conducted by malicious groups and nation states. They assist in protecting the vital assets we all depend on such as electrical and water so they always remain online and working. To assist in the mission, The South Carolina State Guard (State Defense Force) has been working side by side with their National Guard brothers and sisters. They have been training together to become One Team, One Fight, so when a major attack is perpetrated they can together respond as a team.

Most State Defense Forces now assist Their National Guard in the Cyber Defense Mission. If you have IT Skills and wish to serve your state and country, contact your State Defense Force – Click Here.

Here is an article from the 2022 mission evaluation of The South Carolina National Guard Cyber Team:

Source: South Carolina 2022 Annual Review

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