Texas Commanding General Makes Surprise Visit During Units Training Drill

You never know when The Commanding General might pop in to observe your units training drill. That happened to the troops of 4th Battalion, 6th Brigade when The Commander of The Texas State Guard (State Defense Force), Major General Anthony Woods, popped in to observe their exercise. The unit that weekend was training on Shelter Management operations and carrying out emergency medical scenarios they might face during an state wide emergency.

Major General Anthony Woods took command of the Texas State Guard in 2021 after a long and illustrious career in the US Army. He served as Battalion Executive Officer during Operation Noble Eagle, a nationwide military operation that utilizes thousands of National Guardsmen to provide support to homeland security as well as to federal, state, and local agencies. He also served as Deputy Commander for Operation Jump Start (OJS), a military operation designed to secure the Southwest border. MG Woods is also a Combat Veteran having served in Afghanistan as Task Force Commander of the Security Force Agency Task Force (S-FAT).


On 28 January 2023, Texas State Guard, 4th Battalion, 6th Brigade, the Alamo Guards, were honored by a visit of the TXSG Commanding General, MG Anthony Woods; the TXSG Deputy Commanding General, BG Joe Cave; and the TXSG Senior Enlisted Advisor, Command Sergeant Major Harlan Thompson.
The Command Team was met by LTC Michael Moore, 4BN CO; CSM Dewayne Neumann, 4BN SEA as well as the unit’s company commanders, 1SGs, and HHC staff.
After leadership sessions with 4BN officers, NCOs and enlisted personnel, MG Woods and BG Cave participated in a battalion training exercise focused on Shelter Management and Texas Emergency Tracking Network operations. Each was registered in TETN, then served as role players in medical emergency scenarios to test personnel and response capabilities. The training audience reacted quickly to each situation, and elements of 1BN/6BDE also participating in the exercise provided immediate medical assistance to both.
MG Woods and CSM Thompson also posed for photographs with the 6BDE Warrior Challenge Competition Cup team and individual winners, presented during the Brigades Field Training Exercise in October 2023.
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