Texas 2nd Brigade Certifies Troops in Forklift Operations

Warehouse operations have been an extremely important mission for State Defense Forces throughout the country. This key logistical mission becomes vital in many statewide emergencies. From Hurricanes to extreme weather emergencies, a well operated supply system is necessary for providing troops in the field the equipment they need as well as providing a functional Point Of Distribution (POD).

The POD mission is another important mission assigned to State Defense Forces by The National Guard. This mission requires State Defense Force troops setup distribution points throughout the state to facilitate the delivery of food, water and other key resources to citizens. The POD Mission proved extremely useful during the early months of The Covid-19 Pandemic when supermarkets were unable to keep up with food & water demand.

In order to facilitate the rapid movement of supplies in warehouse operations The Texas State Guard ensures their troops are Forklift certified. During their January training drill The 2nd Brigade of The Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) spent their time training on forklift operations. The Battalion certified an additional 24 troops, bringing their total number of Forklift Operators to 48. So when a Statewide emergency occurs and a logistical system is needed to be setup quickly The 2nd Brigade is Equal To The Task.

Guardsmen of 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade Texas State Guard, earn their forklift operator certification during hands-on forklift training and operation at the Texas Army National Guard Armory in College Station, Texas, Jan. 21, 2023. Sgts. Heraclio Munoz and Noel Eckols, and Cpl. Encarnason Ozuna led the training, each with years of experience and training in their civilian work. 24 troops were certified as forklift operators bringing the battalion total to 48 qualified to operate a forklift if called upon during a natural disaster or other emergency. Well done! They exemplify our 2nd Brigade motto: “Ad omnia parati” Ready for anything! (Texas State Guard photos by Cpt. Robert McConnell)

Source: Texas State Guard

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