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Poll – What State Defense Force Legislation Should Be Prioritized In Congress

The State Guard Association of The United States and State Defense Force leadership are currently developing legislation for inclusion in Congressional Bills The legislation was originally aimed to be included a few years ago however The Covid-19 Pandemic as well as The Ukraine Conflict has delayed its introduction. As the legislation is being worked on we want to hear from you.

What do you think needs to be included and prioritized in the State Defense Force legislation?

  • The ability to train on and utilize Federal Equipment and Vehicles
  • The ability to access and purchase military uniforms & gear at Military Exchanges
  • The ability to attend US Military Schools and certify in a Federal MOS (Cost to State)
  • The ability to be awarded US Military awards
  • The ability to obtain Common Access Card (CAC) (Cost To State)
  • The ability to be issued Federal uniforms, equipment and gear
  • The ability to be included in Federal funding
  • The ability to be included in Federal Military Missions

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