Ohio State Defense Force Reaching Out To Vets To Grow Their Ranks

The Ohio Military Reserve (State Defense Force) recently held a recruiting event to attract prior service veterans to join The Ohio State Defense Force. Many State Defense Forces have as much as 50% of their ranks filled with Veterans from The US Military. These troops join out of a desire to be back in uniform and continue serving their Country. Veterans return at their original US Military rank, or higher if they have additional education received following the military.

If you’re a veteran looking to serve in The State Defense Force, first find your State Defense Force on our  ‘Join The State Defense Force’ page. Then reach out to your State Defense Forces recruiter via their recruitment page.

OHMR Recruiters attended a Veterans Event recently. Much of our troop strength are vets ready to serve in uniform again. Our OHMR recruiters are always happy to share information so if you would like more information regarding OHMR please email recruiting@ohmr.ohio.gov or go to our www.ohiomilitaryreserve.com


Those joining The Ohio Military Reserve who never served in The US Military have to go through Initial Entry Training (IET). The Initial Entry Training is a course designed to introduce Non Prior service members to the military.  The training is composed of Basic Soldiering Skills and is designed to reflect the basic training conditions of the United States Active Duty forces. Recruits learn the core fundamentals of how the military operates from Chain of Command, Physical Training to Drill & Ceremony, so when they are activated and work side by side with National Guard soldiers they can operate as any other soldier in the unit. After graduation the troops will return to their home units to continue training and stand ready for when called.

OHSDFTA is training the Soldiers of tomorrow. The recent IET class focused on several important CCT tasks that every Soldier uses during the course of their careers. Land Navigation is integral to a successful military career, and life saving procedures make the OHMR Soldier prepared for ESF6 & SSF7 missions.












Source: Ohio Military Reserve

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