South Carolina State Guard Attends F-16 Delivery Ceremony

Members of The South Carolina State Guard (State Defense Force) recently attended an F-16 Delivery Ceremony for US Ally Bahrain. The event was hosted by Lockheed Martin, th legendary aircraft manufacturer responsible for such iconic aircraft as The P-38 Lighting, the P-80 Shooting Star (First Operational Jet AIrcraft), as well as The F-117 Stealth Fighter. Attending the event was a wealth of notables such as The Adjutant General (Senior National Guard General), Major General Van McCarty and The Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster. The State Guard delegation included The 2nd Battalion Commanding Officer, Captain Jason Ross and Civil Affairs Officer Zhe Little.

The Ceremony featured the delivery of F-16’s to the independent nation and US ally, Bahrain. Bahrain is a major US Ally and home to The US Navy’s Fifth Fleet and U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, On top of providing The United States a home to US Naval Vessels Bahrain has assisted The United States in its overseas commitments such as deploying security forces to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.

History in the making – Falcon of the Future
“Ready then, ready now, ahead of ready for what’s to come.
Transforming 4th Generation for the next generation with the newest and most advanced F-16.
Meet the Block 70/72 Fighting Falcon.”
Invited by Bobby Cox – SC State House Representative, 2BN CO Jason Ross and Civil Affairs Officer Zhe Little were honored to attend the KINGDOM OF BAHARIN F-16 BLOCK 70 DELIVERY CEREMONY by Lockheed Martin
Greenville (SC) is the global home of F-16, and one of the three US locations building fighter jets.
“If you fly it, drive it, or shoot it, we make it. And we make one that flies and shoots.” – U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham

Here is a clip from the ceremony:

Sources: Lockheed MartinSouth Carolina State Guard – State Department

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