Proud Grandfather & Former 1SGT Shares Moment Pinning 1SGT Rank on Grandson

The First Company Governor’s Foot Guard (State Defense Force) is a military unit with a proud tradition of continuous service in the United States, supported by individual families. Recently a member of that unit Josh Akeley was promoted to First Sergeant, becoming the third member of his family to hold this rank. He was pinned by his grandfather in a memorable moment of achievement and family tradition.

The Governor’s Foot Guard is a component of The Connecticut State Defense Force,  which is also known as The Governors Guards.

We congratulate 1st Sergeant Akeley on this historic achievement.

The First Company Governor’s Foot Guard not only prides itself on being the longest, continuously serving Military Unit in the United States, but also prides itself for having the unconditional support from our own individual families.
Josh Akeley was recently promoted to First Sergeant; E-8, being pinned by his grandfather. 1SG Akeley is the 3rd member of his family to hold this rank.
We congratulate 1SG Josh Akeley for this great achievement and memorable moment with his family.


Source: Connecticut Foot Guard

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