Soldiers Undergo SAR Refresher Training To Ensure Skills Are Sharp

Earlier this month, soldiers of The Washington State Guard underwent Land Navigation & Medical Evacuation refresher training. The troops were part of The Spokane & Yakima Detachments. The training involved soldiers utilizing the skills they learned in basic training to locate simulated casualties located in The Stevens County wilderness. The troops used compasses and terrain maps to locate the injured personnel, they then performed first aid to stabilize the individuals and prepared them for transportation. In a real world world event the causatives would then be transported to a local medical center or Hospital to receive further aid.

Nearly all State Defense Forces have Search & Rescue units. Their primary mission it is to locate missing or injured individuals in multiple environments from woodlands to waterways. They often work with Local Police & Emergency Responders, as well as The US Military.

Annual Compass / Orientation training in Stevens County.
Spokane / Yakima Detachments
Training with the Med Sled as well as Wilderness first Aid at certain points on the course.
Training course will be extended to a broader area next year to accommodate more points.
Great job!


Source: Washington State Guard
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