A Deeper Look At 2nd Brigade’s Mass Care Exercise

Recently, we reported on The Texas State Guard’s 2nd Brigade Annual Training (AT), where soldiers honed their skills in responding to natural disasters and emergency situations through a series of aerial, waterborne, and land exercises.

Among these exercises was a mass casualty care event that involved a CH-46 Chinook helicopter and a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, where soldiers sharpened their skills in providing Aerial Port of Embarkation (APOE) & Aerial Port of Disembarkation (APOD). The troops practiced triage, first aid, CPR, and litter loading and unloading of simulated casualties with the assistance of the National United States Armed Forces Museum & Emergency Care and Safety Institute.

The agencies assisted by providing realistic-looking injuries using their moulage expertise and also lent a CH-46 helicopter and an MRAP vehicle to make the exercise more authentic. Troops got to practice aeromedical evacuations, which are crucial in emergency situations. A parking lot provided an opportunity for the CH-46 helicopter to make an ad hoc landing, allowing the troops to learn and practice necessary skills in a real-world environment.

Ed Farris, president of the museum, praised the exercise for providing a realistic environment for Texas State Guardsmen to perform their skills and support their mission of disaster relief for the community. The agency partners were instrumental in making the exercise possible.

The Texas State Guard is a critical component in providing assistance during emergencies, with a long history of supporting their communities. The 2nd Brigade is prepared for anything that comes their way, and their readiness and preparedness for emergency situations ensure that the community remains safe and secure. This exercise was a testament to their dedication and commitment to their mission, and it provided valuable experience and skill enhancement for the troops involved.


Medical personnel of 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, Texas State Guard, lead a mass care exercise with the assistance of the National United States Armed Forces Museum and Alan Cross, Emergency Care and Safety Institute, during Annual Training, Houston, Texas, April 21, 2023. Troops of 2nd Brigade practiced vital skills in triage, first aid, CPR and litter loading and unloading of simulated casualties with realistic-looking injuries courtesy of the moulage expertise of Alan Cross. In addition to an MRAP vehicle, the museum provided a CH-46 helicopter which made an ad hoc landing in a parking lot to practice aeromedical evacuations as would be necessary in a natural disaster or other emergency. Ed Farris, president of the museum, remarked, “Bringing out our equipment allows Texas State Guardsmen to perform their skills in a real-world environment supporting their mission to provide disaster relief for the community.” Thank you to our valued agency partners without whom such an exercise would not be possible. Well done, all! 2nd Brigade is ad omnia parati, “ready for anything!” (Texas State Guard photos by Warrant Officer 1 Gregory Illich) #duty #honor #texas #TXSG #TXMilitary #txlege #TexansServingTexas


Source: Texas State Guard

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