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Poll Should The Florida State Guard Be Under The Command of The Adjutant General?

Over the last few days we reported on a new legislative bill making its way through The Florida Legislature. House Bill 1285, also known as The Florida State Guard Act, will introduce a variety of changes to the Florida State Guard. It will increase the size of the force from 400 to 1500 troops, increase its budget from 10 Million to 107.9 Million, and remove The Florida State Guard from the authority of The Adjutant General (Senior National Guard General who is in Charge of The Military Forces of The State). The State Guard would also be removed from the supervision of The Florida Department of Military Affairs. The Director of The State Guard would directly report to The Governor instead of The Adjutant General.

This would be in stark contrast to every other State Guard & Defense Force. Each States’ Army National Guard, Air National Guard, State Guard / State Defense Force, and Naval Militia fall under the command of The Adjutant General.

We wanted to get your feedback regarding this alteration in the chain of command. Do you believe The Florida State Guard Should Be Retained Under The Command Of The Adjutant General?

  • Yes, they should have the same command structure as other State Guards & Defense Forces
  • No, The Florida State Guard should report to no one other than The Governor

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