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Scuttlebutt Episode 1 Released! New Florida State Guard Legislation Covered

Today we are realeasing the first episode of our newest podcast, Scuttlebutt. This podcast features a group of knowledgeable co-hosts who discuss everything related to State Defense Forces in an informative and engaging way. From updates on recent missions to in-depth analysis of proposed legislation, Scuttlebutt provides a comprehensive look at the world of State Defense Forces. The co-hosts bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, making this podcast an essential resource for anyone interested in this important topic. So if you’re looking for a podcast that covers all things State Defense Force, Scuttlebutt is definitely worth a listen!

The premiere episode of the podcast will feature the following hosts:

  • Jean Marciniak
    • Administrator of
  • Major General Jay Coggan
    • Commanding General of The California State Guard.

We will be adding more co-hosts as the podcast goes on. We are looking for a Senior Enlisted Soldier to add to the show. If your interested please visit -> Our Jobs Section.

In our first episode we highlight some of the latest State Defense Force news. Then we dive into the meat of the episode which focuses on the new Florida State Guard Legislative Bill. We discuss multiple aspects of the bill, from the large increase in the Florida State Guard budget, to the creation of an armed unit within the force. This is a stellar first episode, one that you cant miss.

For our Patreon members we will be offering a transcript of each episode, a commercial free listening experience, and early access to new episodes. Early Access to Episodes will begin with Episode 2.

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