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Poll – Should Soldiers In Specialized SDF Units Be Allowed To Wear A Special Skill Tab?

Many State Defense Forces / State Guards throughout the nation have specialized units within their organization. They perform unique missions not regularly assigned to State Defense Forces such as Maritime Search & Rescue, Wildland Firefighting, and Cyber Defense. These missions and units require each soldier to receive specialized training and certification in their Military Occupation Specialty (MOS). This training can be very physically demanding and require a great deal of additional time soldiers need to volunteer each month. Some of these missions such as Wildland Firefighting can also put soldiers in harms way.
The US Army has specialized units in its organization such as The 10th Mountain Division, 75th Ranger Regiment as well as ceremonial units such as a Division’s Honor Guard. Each unit employs a special capability and mission within The US Army and so their soldiers are recognized with a special skills tab that is worn on their uniforms. These tabs help signify a soldiers additional accomplishments and sacrifices they make while serving in the military.
Considering these additional responsibilities, hardships and commitments, should State Defense Force soldiers within these specialized units be recognized with a Special Skill Tab on their uniforms?
  • Yes
  • No

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