Tennessee State Guard Medics Certify National Guard Soldiers In BLS

A few weeks ago, Medics from The 61st Medical Battalion of The Tennessee State Guard, took on the crucial responsibility of training and certifying soldiers from from The Army National Guards’ 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment  in Basic Life Support (BLS). As an integral part of the Tennessee Army National Guard’s medical readiness, the 61st Medical Battalion is dedicated to equipping soldiers with the necessary skills to provide essential life-saving interventions in emergency situations. The Tennessee State Guard Medics, leveraging their expertise and experience, conduct comprehensive training programs that encompass various aspects of BLS, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), airway management, and basic trauma care. Through hands-on instruction, rigorous simulations, and practical assessments, they ensure that soldiers are proficient in critical life support techniques, enabling them to respond effectively in high-pressure environments and potentially save lives on the battlefield or in disaster response scenarios.

The 61st Medical Battalion’s commitment to training and certifying Tennessee Army National Guard soldiers in BLS reflects their dedication to maintaining a robust medical force capable of responding to emergencies with competence and confidence. By imparting essential life-saving skills to the soldiers, the Tennessee State Guard Medics play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall medical readiness of the Tennessee Army National Guard. With their training programs, they instill in soldiers the ability to provide immediate care and stabilize patients until more advanced medical support becomes available. By equipping soldiers with BLS certification, the 61st Medical Battalion ensures that the Tennessee Army National Guard possesses a highly skilled and capable medical force, ready to face the challenges of emergency situations and fulfill their mission to protect and serve the citizens of Tennessee.

Tennessee State Guard’s 61st MEDBN certifying TN National Guard SMs in BLS, May 6th, at Mt Carmel AFRC.












Source: Tennessee State Guard

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