Georgia State Defense Force Recruits Graduate as Strong, Resilient Soldiers

The Georgia State Defense Force proudly celebrated the graduation of a new class of recruits from their Initial Entry Training (IET – SDF Basic Training) at the Ellenwood Readiness Center in Ellenwood, Georgia, on July 9, 2023. This significant milestone marked the completion of an intensive training program where the recruits learned the essential fundamentals of military life and acquired the necessary skills to serve effectively in the defense force.

During their IET, the recruits were exposed to a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide them with a solid understanding of how the military functions. They underwent rigorous training in drill and ceremony, mastering the precision and discipline required for synchronized movements as a unit. Through countless hours of practice and dedication, they learned to move with precision and coordination, forming the foundation of their military training.

Land navigation played a crucial role in their training as well. The recruits developed skills in map reading, compass usage, and orienteering techniques to navigate through various terrains and challenging environments. By honing their land navigation skills, they gained the ability to effectively traverse unfamiliar territory, a vital capability in military operations.

Military law and regulation were also significant components of the IET curriculum. The recruits delved into the legal framework that governs military operations, familiarizing themselves with Georgia’s Military Laws & Regulation. They learned the importance of adhering to the highest standards of conduct and the consequences of violating military laws.

Additionally, the recruits received training in various other aspects of the military, such as physical fitness, first aid, and basic combat skills. Physical fitness training ensured they were physically prepared for the demanding challenges they may face as members of the Georgia State Defense Force. First aid training equipped them with the skills to provide immediate medical assistance in the field, potentially saving lives in critical situations.

The graduation ceremony at the Ellenwood Readiness Center was a testament to the recruits’ dedication, resilience, and hard work. It symbolized their successful completion of the IET and marked the beginning of their journey as capable and committed members of the Georgia State Defense Force, ready to serve their state and nation with honor and integrity.

Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) recruits trek through the woods as part of an Initial Entry Training (IET) field exercise, Ellenwood, Ga., July 8, 2023.
IET, a program of physical and mental training, is a GSDF prerequisite.
The GSDF is a component of the Georgia Department of Defense.


The Georgia State Defense Force (GSDF) welcomes its newest Soldiers!
Charlie Strong!
Ready to Serve!
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The Georgia State Defense Force graduates its newest Soldiers, Ellenwood Readiness Center, Ellenwood Ga., July 9, 2023.

Source: Georgia State Defense Force

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