A Beacon of Hope: Texas State Guard’s Annual Medical Mission, Operation Border Health Preparedness Begins

Operation Border Health Preparedness is a significant yearly mission that The Texas State Guard works with in conjunction with a diverse range of health agencies and organizations. Launched over two decades ago, this medical mission aims to provide comprehensive and cost-free medical, dental, and vision care to the residents of Texas. The initiative is particularly targeted towards underserved and low-income communities, recognizing the disparities in healthcare accessibility and the critical need for such services in these populations.

The operational framework for this mission involves a collaboration of the Texas State Guard’s medical corps with local county health specialists, city health departments, medical universities, human service organizations, and even health agencies from outside the state. By mobilizing a broad and diverse array of medical resources, Operation Border Health Preparedness seeks to overcome the inherent challenges in reaching and servicing these communities, offering a wide spectrum of healthcare services in an accessible and efficient manner.

Operation Border Health Preparedness takes place from July 24th to 28th. Over the course of these five days, the participants performed an impressive range of tasks, from conducting medical screenings and treating chronic conditions to providing vision checks and dental care. This significant contribution to the well-being of the residents of Texas highlights the state’s commitment to healthcare for all its citizens, regardless of their income or geographic location. It is also a testament to the Texas State Guard’s dedication to service and community engagement, embodying their commitment to the people they serve.

Operation Border Health Preparedness, formerly known as Operation Lone Star, is an exercise to help the community get ready for disasters.
The Texas State Guard will play a vital role in this event once again this year.
When: July 24-28, 2023
Operation Border Health Preparedness (OBHP), led by the Texas Department of State Health Services, is a real-time large-scale emergency preparedness exercise that provides disaster response and recovery training while addressing the medical needs of thousands of Texas residents through medical screenings, immunizations, hearing and vision exams, and dental services. #Duty #Honor #Texas


Source: Texas State Guard

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