Expanding Leadership: The Growing Importance of NCOs in the Connecticut Foot Guard

Over the last few years The Governors Guards (State Defense Force, also known as The Connecticut Foot Guard) continues to grow and expand on its mission. As the force continues to grow, it has increasingly recognized the need for a strong Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) Corps, characterized by MAJ John Garcia as the “doers” within the organization. These officers are critical in delivering motivation, purpose, direction, and discipline to the troops they oversee while also being responsible for their individual training.

To reinforce the strength of the leadership, the Company recently celebrated the promotion of several officers from Corporals to Sergeants, thereby expanding and strengthening the base of leadership. These NCOs are the primary and most visible leaders for the soldiers, responsible for executing the mission of the company and preparing military personnel to perform their duties. Training for these NCOs typically encompasses leadership and management skills, in addition to service-specific knowledge.

The Governor’s Guards is an esteemed ensemble composed of four distinct units. The first two, namely The First and Second Horse Guard, consist primarily of mounted troops. These regiments are primarily designated for ceremonial duties, exemplifying the military traditions with their distinct presence.

The other two units are The First and Second Foot Guard, who in addition to undertaking ceremonial obligations, also serve in disaster relief missions. Their versatility and adaptability are evident in the crucial roles they play during exigent circumstances. A salient example of their commitment was their instrumental involvement in responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, during which they established emergency field hospitals. Their efforts during this global health crisis significantly aided in providing much-needed medical care to afflicted communities, underlining the essential contribution of The Governor’s Guards beyond their ceremonial roles.

As the 2nd Company grows so does its need for a solid Non-Commissioned Officer Corps. “NCOs are the doers,” said MAJ John Garcia, Commandant of the Company. “They provide inspiration, purpose, motivation, direction and discipline to the troops they lead, and they are also responsible for the individual training of those in their charge.”
Last night the Company acknowledged the promotion of its newest crop of NCOs, from Corporals to Sergeants the base of leadership has expanded and strengthened. They are the primary and most visible leaders for our soldiers. Additionally, they are the leaders primarily responsible for executing our mission and for training military personnel so they are prepared to execute their missions. NCO training and education typically includes leadership and management as well as service-specific training.


to Sgt. Vargo, Sgt. Roque, Sgt. Algea, Cpl. Weiland, Cpl. Woodward and all the soldiers who were promoted last night!

The ranks of the Connecticut State Governor’s Guards are increasing each day with more and more citizens stepping up to serve. If you have interest in serving your State and community please don’t hesitate to inquire about how you can serve in the Governor’s Guard Units!


Source: Connecticut Foot Guard

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