Connecticut Foot Guard’s Culinary Team Stocks Up: Preparing for a Week of Intense Training!

During the daily routines of military drills, soldiers consistently assemble in the chow hall, seeking hot chow before diving back into training. Yet, often forgotten are the The Army Cooks—those soldiers who work tirelessly to provide those nourishing meals we need throughout the day. As most soldiers days start around 0500, their day commences significantly before reveille as they meticulously begin prepping and cooking for the morning meal. Their commitment remains unwavering as they seamlessly transition to cooking and serving both midday and evening meals, and once done they spend the rest of their evening cleaning the mess hall and kitchen ensuring it remains ready for the next days mission.

As the Connecticut Foot Guard (State Defense Force) gears up for their Annual Training (AT), that dedicated team of army cooks headed over to their local suppliers, nabbing the vast quantities of food required for the intensive week ahead. Have you ever wondered the scale of food needed to feed the hundreds of soldiers in the chow hall? Here’s a sneak peek.

How much food does it take to feed the four Connecticut Militia Units at Annual Training?!












Source: Connecticut Foot Guard

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