Texas State Guard’s Vision for 2024 and Beyond Shaped at College Station Summit

Over the weekend, the city of College Station played host to the Texas State Guard’s (State Defense Force) 3-day annual leadership conference. This pivotal gathering saw leaders from various units and brigades coming together, facilitating a cross-examination of ideas and experiences. The event provided an opportunity for these leaders to share their knowledge, insights, and notable achievements from fiscal year 2023.

One of the significant highlights of the conference was the special appearance of Maj. General Robert J. Bodisch, Sr. (retired). As a former Commanding General of the TXSG, Bodisch’s words carried weight and resonance. He took the time to underscore the immense value of the Texas State Guard to the state and its citizens. He also proudly reflected on the Guard’s accomplishments, instilling a sense of pride and purpose in the current leaders and emphasizing the importance of their roles.

The conference wasn’t just about reflection; it was also about forward momentum. Leaders engaged in a series of presentations and intensive training sessions designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge to enhance their brigades. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, from retention strategies and mentorship programs to technical training in areas, the weekend was both enlightening and empowering. The emphasis was clear: to ensure that the Texas State Guard remains a strong, adaptive force ready to face the challenges of the future.

Texas State Guard leaders traveled to College Station over the weekend for a 3-day annual leadership conference. Leaders from all areas and brigades shared knowledge and accomplishments from fiscal year 2023. Great job by the operations staff and everyone involved in making it another successful event.












Maj. General Robert J. Bodisch, Sr. (retired), a former Texas State Guard (TXSG) Commanding General, made a special visit during the three-day annual TXSG Leadership Conference in College Station. Bodisch spoke about the value of the Texas State Guard and the accomplishments made. TXSG leaders visited College Station over the weekend to discuss lessons learned and achievements from the fiscal year 2023. (Photos by Cpt. Esperanza Meza)




































Source: Texas State Guard

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