California National Guard & State Guard Highlight Women’s Strides in Equality During Women’s Equality Day

August 26th marks Women’s Equality Day, it is a day to commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, granting women the right to vote.

In a passionate talk celebrating Women’s Equality Day, the speaker, Virginia Wimmer, California Deputy Secretary Women Veteran Affairs, highlights the advancements made by women, particularly in military and community-based roles. The Air Force saw its first woman and Asian American ascend to a prominent role, encouraging others to follow her journey on social media. Admiral Lisa Francetti was nominated to lead the U.S. Navy, marking the first woman poised to be on The Joint Chiefs of Staff. An all-women aviator team from California also made headlines by flying over Super Bowl 57, reflecting the state’s influential role in championing women’s accomplishments. The speaker further emphasizes that California women veterans and servicewomen, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, possess unique perspectives and challenges that necessitate consideration when crafting policies and programs.

The discussion expands on women’s accomplishments in community-based organizations. Delphine Metcalf Foster from California became the first black woman to be the state commander of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and later, she rose to lead the DAV at a national level. Similarly, Dawn “Dusty” Napier marked her legacy as the first Native American woman to be named State Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) in California.

Women’s Equality Day commemorates more than just voting rights established by the 19th amendment in 1920. It stands for equity, ensuring every woman has access to opportunities based on her unique needs and situations. Women face systemic barriers, particularly women of color. Achieving genuine equality means ensuring equitable opportunities across all spheres – from the military and boardrooms to courtrooms. The speaker underlines that the ultimate goal is about being heard, seen, and valued. She mentions the challenges faced by women veterans in self-identifying their veteran status, which affects their access to resources and leadership roles.

Concluding her address, the speaker expresses gratitude for the recognition and support she has received. She calls upon the audience to participate in a 2023 survey aiming to understand the needs of service women and women veterans better. The event ends with presentations and acknowledgments, including a closing prayer led by Chaplain Major Dana Durham of The California National Guard, encouraging attendees to reflect on influential women in their lives. The celebration continues with offerings from local women-owned businesses and a screening of a relevant PBS documentary.

California National Guard members celebrates Women’s Equality Day with guest speaker Virginia Wimmer, California Deputy Secretary Women Veteran Affairs, Sacramento, California, 26 Aug. 2023.


















Happy Women’s Equality Day!
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