New York Guard Soldier Promoted By National Guard Task Force Leader For Outstanding Performance

In a momentous acknowledgement of unwavering dedication and exemplary service, Corporal Arelis Nieves of the 88th Area Command was elevated in rank on 30 August 2023. This prestigious promotion, conferred upon her due to her remarkable efforts during Operation Asylum Seeker Resource Support, took place at Manhattan’s historic Roosevelt Inn (HERRC) Hotel. It wasn’t just any ceremony, but one led by The New York Army National Guard Officer In Charge of Manhattan, Captain Zachary T. Colangelo. As the newly-appointed site S4 Chief, CPL Nieves is now at the helm of logistics operations and personnel. Her ascent in rank is a testament to the unwavering commitment of New York Guard (NYG) Service Members. These are the individuals who seamlessly blend civilian acumen with military prowess, thereby driving the success of the New York Military Forces’ State Active Duty missions.

Operation Asylum Seeker, launched in October 2022, to address the migrant mission in New York City, with over 78,700 migrants arriving by June 2023. The initiative involves more than 2,000 members of the New York State Military Forces, including the New York Army National Guard, Air National Guard, New York Guard (State Defense Force) and Naval Militia (US Navy Reserve & US Marine Corps Reserve). About 1,600 of these military personnel are stationed across 50 hotels and two relief centers in the city, offering services ranging from registration to welfare checks.

Congratulations to Corporal Arelis Nieves and thank you for her dedication to duty and service.

Congratulations to CPL Arelis Nieves of the 88th Area Command, who was promoted on 30 August 2023 based on her exceptional performance while serving on State Active Duty (SAD) as part of Operation Asylum Seeker Resource Support. The lateral promotion from Specialist to Corporal was conducted by the CP Manhattan OIC CPT Zachary T. Colangelo (NYARNG) – pictured – and Gunnery Sergeant Fabiano Riano (NYNM), at CPL Nieves’ assigned duty location of the Roosevelt Inn (HERRC) Hotel in Manhattan, NY. CPL Nieves, now the site S4 Chief, supervises both logistics operations and personnel as part of her newly assigned position and additional responsibilities. CPL Nieves exemplifies how NYG Service Members support SAD missions across the state of New York – combining their civilian skillsets and NYG military training to contribute to the overall success of the New York Military Forces.






Source: New York Guard

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