Unity in Step: Military Branches March Together in Glastonbury to Address Veteran Suicide

Over the past weekend, the streets of Glastonbury resonated with the determined footsteps of veterans and active-duty personnel from diverse branches: the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force, and of course, The Connecticut Governor’s Guards (State Defense Force). These brave individuals came together for a shared mission. This specific distance was no arbitrary choice but was selected to shed light on a somber fact: every day, 22 American veterans are lost to suicide. This march, organized by the Peter P. Monaco Jr., Detachment 40 of the Marine Corps League, began in the dim early hours, symbolically stepping into the light as the day progressed.

As the procession wound its way through the town, the community of Glastonbury rallied in support. Residents young and old emerged from their homes, lining the streets to cheer, wave flags, and offer words of encouragement. A particularly touching moment was the sight of 102-year-old veteran Leo Tiberoski of the 87th Infantry Division, standing tall in tribute to the marchers. Beyond the physical exertion, this event stood as a powerful testament to the unity and resilience of the military community. It sent a resonating message to every veteran and active servicemember facing mental health challenges: they are surrounded by a vast and caring community, and they are never alone.

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Source: Governors Guards

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