South Carolina State Guard Launches Groundbreaking Explorer Program

The South Carolina State Guard has just unveiled the Explorer Post. This innovative program is specifically tailored for young men and women eager to make a tangible difference in supporting their state. Beyond the call of duty, the program is meticulously designed to impart essential skills that these individuals can harness throughout their military careers. By enrolling in the Explorer Post, these young cadets are not only committing to safeguard their state but also embark on a transformative journey that promises a rich reservoir of knowledge and experience, laying the foundation for a formidable military future.

On Saturday August 5th, The first batch of cadets from The Explorer Program were formally welcomed into the ranks of the South Carolina State Guard. Brigadier General Langston personally extended a warm welcome to each recruit. He motivated these young cadets to not only excel within the ranks of the State Guard but to seize all possible opportunities in life, emphasizing the program’s broader aim of nurturing responsible and adept citizens.

And just this past weekend, members of the SCSG Explorer spent their first drill undergoing hands-on training by acquiring invaluable CPR skills. This exercise underscores the Guard’s commitment to equipping its members with practical life-saving abilities, ensuring they’re not just defenders of the state but also guardians of their community’s well-being. The SCSG’s holistic approach to training promises a generation of well-rounded, skilled, and community-conscious individuals.

The South Carolina State Guard Saturday August 5 stood up and officially welcomed it’s first cadets from the new SCSG Explorer Post. BG Langston personally welcomed each new member with a challenge to excel and take advantage of all opportunities in life
























Members of the South Carolina State Guard Explorer post learning valuable CPR skills at their drill this weekend.












Source: South Carolina State Guard

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