Navigating the Path to Readiness: Texas State Guard Conducts Field Exercise in Land Navigation and Rescue Skills

On September 16, 2023, members of the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Brigade of the Texas State Guard (State Defense Force) led a comprehensive training and field exercise for the guardsmen of the 3rd Battalion at Long Acres Ranch in Richmond, Texas. The day started with a classroom introduction focused on essential skills such as map reading and grid reader usage. Following the lessons, soldiers took to the field to put these skills into practice. They were tasked with navigating a predetermined route using a compass to follow an azimuth. They were also trained to locate various points using new headings and to communicate their results back to a base of operations via radio.

This training exercise not only emphasized the basics of land navigation but also introduced specialized skills crucial for search and rescue operations. During the latter part of the day, the guardsmen honed their knot-tying abilities, practicing key knots such as the figure 8 on a bight and a hasty rope seat, both essential for emergency extractions. The exercise was an invaluable experience for all participants, bolstering the readiness and capabilities of the Texas State Guard in search and rescue missions. Under the motto “Ad Omnia Parati” (Ready For Anything), the 2nd Brigade demonstrated its commitment to well-trained and active search and rescue teams that are prepared for any disaster response.


Source: Texas State Guard

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