Sky-High Readiness: Tennessee State Guard Utilizes Black Hawks for Critical Emergency Response Drills

The Tennessee State Guard recently collaborated with the Tennessee Army National Guard for an invaluable training event, aimed at bolstering the readiness and interoperability of both military organizations. Units involved in this essential cooperative endeavor included the 911th Military Police and the 61st Medical unit, both stationed out of Nashville, Tennessee. This significant exercise allowed soldiers from both guards to sharpen their skills and enhance their capacity to efficiently and effectively respond to various situations requiring military intervention and support.

During this essential training event, soldiers participated in focused exercises on Aerial Port of Embarkation (APOE) and Aerial Port of Disembarkation (APOD) operations. These exercises are crucial in preparing the guards for efficient and swift movement of casualties and supplies during statewide emergencies or severe weather events that could result in civilian injuries or fatalities. The mastery of APOE and APOD operations ensures that the military personnel can be promptly deployed to the affected areas and withdrawn as needed. Furthermore, the soldiers’ heightened proficiency in medical triage and first aid is vital in providing immediate and life-saving medical attention to civilians during these critical events. This focused training is integral to minimizing civilian casualties during severe weather events where timely, expert assistance is imperative.

The seamless collaboration between the Tennessee State Guard and the Tennessee Army National Guard is of paramount importance in fostering a unified and resilient military front capable of addressing and managing an array of challenges and crises. Through joint training events like this, both branches not only reinforce their individual and collective skills but also fortify the bonds necessary for smooth and coordinated operations in real-world scenarios. Such endeavors underscore the commitment of both military bodies to safeguarding the welfare and security of the residents of Tennessee and the nation at large.

Operation Natural Disaster
Units :
2nd Regiment
1st Regiment
HHC HQ Units: (911 MP & 61st MED Nashville)
Location: National Guard Training Center
Milan TN


Source: Tennessee State Guard

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