Delta 23 Basic Training Class Navigates Week 2 with Elite Instructors

During the second week of the three-week Initial Entry Training (IET – Basic Training) program, soldiers in the Delta 23 Basic Training Class are being rigorously trained in Drill & Ceremony at the Cumming Regional Readiness Center (CRRC) in Cumming, Georgia. This facility serves as the home of the Georgia State Defense Force OPFOR Battalion. The OPFOR Battalion soldiers, with their extensive experience and expertise, play a critical role as the cadre and instructors for the Delta 23 IET class. This phase of training is vital as it introduces new recruits to military discipline and the precision of movements and formations, a hallmark of military decorum and structure.

Initial Entry Training is a fundamental program for new recruits who have not previously served in the US Military. This essential training regimen is designed to acclimate recruits to the core skills and knowledge required for a career in the military. The curriculum encompasses a wide array of subjects, including discipline and regulations, physical fitness, military customs and courtesies, map reading, land navigation, basic first aid, and proficiency in the use of military equipment. Additionally, the program delves into the understanding of the chain of command, military law, and the core values of the armed forces, placing a strong emphasis on leadership, integrity, and teamwork. These components are instrumental in building a solid foundation for a soldier’s career, fostering the discipline, resilience, and skills essential for effective functioning and growth within The Georgia State Defense Force.

Soldiers in the Delta 23 Class of Initial Entry Training (IET) learn Drill & Ceremony during Week 2 of the three weeks of IET at the home of Georgia State Defense Force OPFOR Battalion, the Cumming Regional Readiness Center (CRRC) in Cumming, GA. OPFOR Battalion soldiers are serving as IET Cadre and Instructors for the Delta 23 IET class.






Source: Georgia State Defense Force

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