South Carolina State Guard Honors Fallen Heroes in Wreaths Across America Day

Wreaths Across America, an American nonprofit organization, was established in 2007 by wreath producer Morrill Worcester. This program, deeply rooted in national patriotism, has been supported by veterans and volunteers, playing a pivotal role in its widespread impact. Its primary activity is the distribution of Veteran’s wreaths for placement on graves in military cemeteries, a tradition that symbolizes respect and remembrance for fallen heroes. In a significant acknowledgment of this initiative, the United States Senate, in December 2008, agreed to a resolution that designated December 13, 2008, as “Wreaths Across America Day.” This resolution not only recognized the program’s importance but also helped in rallying communities nationwide to participate in this solemn yet beautiful tradition. Since then, Wreaths Across America has grown exponentially, involving thousands of volunteers each year who lay wreaths to honor the memory of those who served in the armed forces.

The South Carolina State Guard annually takes part in Wreaths Across America, bringing together units from all over the state to various locations in a gesture of solidarity and remembrance. For the members of the State Guard, this event is more than just an annual tradition; it is a humbling experience that allows them to pay homage to their fellow soldiers. Each year, they participate in this revered event, laying wreaths on the graves of fallen American heroes, ensuring that their sacrifices are not forgotten. This act of laying wreaths is not only a symbol of respect but also a reminder of the legacy left behind by those who served. Through their involvement, the South Carolina State Guard continues to uphold the values of honor and remembrance, embodying the spirit of Wreaths Across America in their commitment to remembering and honoring the sacrifices made for the nation.

Source: South Carolina State Guard

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