Georgia State Defense Corps WW2

New Article: Guardians of Georgia, The Saga of the Georgia State Defense Corps and State Guard During World War 2 has the largest online State Defense Force publications library on the internet. It contains dozens of articles and books on State Defense Force history. From a complete volume of The New York Guard’s (State Defense Force) training & missions during World War 1 to articles featuring The State Defense Forces role in Homeland Security operations. Our staff spends a considerable amount of time and effort to discover these lost publications and make a home for them on

Today we are covering the creation of Georgia State Defense Force during World War 2. The following PDF chronicles the journey of the Georgia State Defense Corps and the Georgia State Guard from 1940 to 1947, a period marked by world conflict and national vigilance. It begins with the inception of the Georgia State Defense Corps in 1940, initiated by Governor E. D. Rivers amidst the crescendo of World War II, to stand in for the federalized Georgia National Guard. The narrative vividly portrays the Corps’ valiant efforts in safeguarding key infrastructure, responding to emergencies, and maintaining order, painting a picture of resilience and determination. The story then shifts to the transformation into the Georgia State Guard in 1942, highlighting its strategic expansion, dynamic reorganization, and eventual disbandment in 1947, after years of steadfast service by thousands of dedicated men and women.

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