Mississippi State Guard Enhances Security Capabilities with MP Training at Camp Shelby

In a display of readiness and commitment, the Mississippi State Guard’s 315th Military Police (MP) Company recently conducted a defensive tactics class at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center. This training session is a testament to the unique role the Mississippi State Guard plays in the realm of State Defense Forces. Unlike most State Guards which have transitioned their focus towards support missions such as Medical, Logistics, Wildland Firefighting, and Communications that better facilitate their States National Guard needs, the Mississippi State Guard still retain a dedicated Military Police company. This MP unit is utilized in fulfilling various unarmed security missions, highlighting the Mississippi State Guard’s commitment to maintaining a robust operational capability. *The Unit is an unarmed company relying on internal security procedures.

During this productive January drill, the Mississippi State Guard proudly welcomed two new enlistees, fortifying its ranks with experienced and dedicated individuals. Private Second Class (PV2) Terrell Allen, a former law enforcement officer and active volunteer with veterans’ groups in his community, took the oath alongside Sergeant (SGT) Bryant Dillard, a seasoned member of the Texas State Guard. SGT Dillard, who previously served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps, brings a wealth of experience from his time in Operation Lone Star with the Texas State Guard. Both men embody the spirit of service and commitment that is central to the ethos of the Mississippi State Guard. Their decision to join the ranks is driven by a deep desire to contribute to the safety, security, and wellbeing of their communities. Their presence strengthens not only the Guard but also the communities they vow to protect and serve.

315th MP Company conducts defensive tactics class during their monthly drill at Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center.






PV2 Terrell Allen and SGT Bryant Dillard swearing in to the Mississippi State Guard during the January drill.
SGT Dillard is a transfer from Texas. He served honorably with the Texas State Guard and served during deployments with them during Operation Lone Star. Previously, he served his nation in the United States Marine Corps.
PV2 Allen joined having served in law enforcement and is a dedicated volunteer with veterans groups close by his home.
Both of these men joined the Mississippi State Guard to put themselves in a position to help and contribute to the safety, security, and wellbeing of their homes and communities. For guardsmen such as these, we are grateful. Please join us in welcoming them!
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